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1. Fetch from startup to exit, with Melonee Wise

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks with Melonee Wise, former CEO of Fetch Robotics and current VP of Robotics Automation at Zebra Technologies. Melonee speaks about the origin of Fetch Robotics, her experience at Willow Garage, her experience being acquired by Zebra Technologies, challenges in the warehouse setting, on autonomous cars, and on the future of robotics.

2021-08-24 · 1:10:50

10. State Machines for Complex Robot Behavior, with Brett Aldrich

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews Brett Aldrich, author of SMACC and CEO of Robosoft AI. Robosoft AI develops and maintains SMACC and SMACC2, which are event-driven, behavior state machine libraries for ROS 1 and ROS 2, respectively. Brett explains SMACC, its origins, other strategies for robot control such as behavior trees, speaks about the challenges of developing software for industry users and hobbists, and gives some advice for new roboticists.

2021-12-28 · 1:51:46

11. Commercial-grade Autonomous Mowers, Safety, and Dogfooding, with CBQ

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Charles Brian Quinn (aka, CBQ), CEO and a Co-Founder of Greenzie. Greenzie make an autonomous driving system for commercial lawn mowers. We talk about Greenzie's autonomous mowing system, how Greenzie has worked with manufacturers to up-fit their system into comercial mowers, how Greenzie does dog-fooding, safety and standards, and about CBQ's experiences bootstrapping and with venture capital.

2022-01-12 · 1:51:46

15. Full-stack Robotics and Growing an App Marketplace, with Christian Fritz

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Christian Fritz, CEO and founder of Transitive Robotics. Transitive Robotics makes software for building full stack robotics applications. In this conversation, they talk about how Transitive Robotic's software works, their business model, sandboxing for security, creating a marketplace for robotics applications, and web tools, in general.

2022-03-08 · 1:43:42

16. Solar Powered Robotic Weeding, with Helen Greiner

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Helen Greiner, who is the CEO at Tertill; Tertill makes a small solar powered weeding robot for vegetable gardens. The conversation begins with an overview of Helen's previous robotics experience, including at as a student at MIT, co-founder at iRobot, founder and CEO at CyPhyWorks, and in advising government research in robotics, AI, and machine learning. From there, Helen explains the design of the Tertill robot, how it works, and her high hopes for this simple robot: to help reduce the environmental impact of the agriculture industry by helping people to grow their...

2022-03-22 · 1:30:42

17. A Robot Mixologist to Spark Wellness Talks, with Dayo McIntosh

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Dayo McIntosh, who is the founder of Yateou; Yateou is an early-stage startup that makes wellness products and has a customer facing robot, ADE, that personalizes customer orders. Dayo speaks about what motivated her to start Yateou, how she uses the robot arm, ADE, and about her plans for Yateou's future.

2022-04-14 · 1:12:24

18. Open Source Robot Dog, Kickstarter, and Home Robots, with Afreez Gan

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Afreez Gan, who is the founder and CEO of MangDang; MangDang is a Chinese startup that makes Minipupper, an open source robot dog that uses the Robot Operating System (ROS). Minipupper was inspired by and built with lessons learned from the Stanford Pupper, an open source robot dog. In this interview, Afreez speaks about Minipupper's hardware, software, and documentation, about manufacturing Minipupper, and about his eventual goal of building a home robot dog.

2022-05-03 · 1:27:24

19. Turning Robotics Education on its Head, with Dan O'Mara

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Dan O'Mara, who is the founder and COO of Circuit Launch and Mechlabs. Circuit Launch is a space for hardware entrepreneurs to work in Oakland, California, and Mechlabs is a project-based course to learn robotics. This interview is mostly about Mechlabs, but talks about the origins of Circuit Launch, including how it is not a maker or coworking space and its business model. For Mechlabs, we talk about several of its aspects that make it different than a university education in robotics, including how there are mentors not instructors, how projects are scoped,...

2022-05-17 · 1:31:44

23. Scalable Access Control with AI, with Vince Gaydarzhiev

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Vince Gaydarzhiev, who is President and Founder of Alcatraz AI. Alcatraz AI uses biometrics, including facial recognition, to make spaces more secure. Vince speaks about facial recognition, the problem of access control, tailgating, how access control is a similar problem to self driving cars, how the work with actors to get training data, how they use AI, updating their hardware, Alcatraz AI's business model, and on the current economy for startups.

2022-08-18 · 1:32:47

30. How to Have a Strong ROI for Customers: Lessons From a Floor Scrubbing Robot, with Pablo Molina

In this insightful episode, we chat with Pablo Molina from Avidbots about their floor scrubbing robot, which is making a notable impact on the cleaning industry. Discover how this autonomous machine offers enhanced efficiencies by navigating tight spaces without a human driver, while also providing an impressive 6-month ROI. Pablo shares the thoughtful design approach that went into creating this advanced robot and explains the error-checking software that helps minimize failure time. Join us for this engaging conversation as we explore how Avidbots is contributing to the evolution of cleaning operations with their floor scrubbing robot, offering a blend of...

2023-03-24 · 1:36:30

8. Flying in Warehouses, Inventory, and Fleet Management, with Disha Sarawgi and Mohammed Kabir

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Disha Sarawgi and Mohammed Kabir, who are Corvus Robotics’s Head of Special Projects, and Co-founder and CTO, respectively. Corvus makes a robotic drone for warehouse inventory management, which may greatly reduce inventory loss. They speak about flying their drone in warehouses, working with customers, safety, fleet management, how Corvus is funded, and they give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

2021-11-30 · 0:56:51

9. Digitization of Touch and Meta AI Partnership, with Youssef Benmokhtar

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Youssef Benmokhtar, CEO of GelSight, a Boston-based company that makes high resolution tactile sensors for several industries. They talk about how GelSight's tactile sensors work, GelSight’s new collaboration with Meta AI (formerly, Facebook AI) to manufacture a low cost touch sensor called DIGIT, on the digitization of touch, touch sensing in robotics, how GelSight is investing in community and open source software, and Youssef’s professional path in several industries.

2021-12-14 · 1:37:13