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23. Scalable Access Control with AI, with Vince Gaydarzhiev

In this episode, Audrow Nash speaks to Vince Gaydarzhiev, who is President and Founder of Alcatraz AI. Alcatraz AI uses biometrics, including facial recognition, to make spaces more secure. Vince speaks about facial recognition, the problem of access control, tailgating, how access control is a similar problem to self driving cars, how the work with actors to get training data, how they use AI, updating their hardware, Alcatraz AI's business model, and on the current economy for startups.

2022-08-18 · 1:32:47

32. How is Nvidia Betting Big on Reinforcement Learning for Robot Control? with Amit Goel

In this episode of the Sense Think Act Podcast, we're joined by Amit Goel, Head of Embedded Edge AI Product Management and Robotics Ecosystem at Nvidia. Amit shares his insights on the challenges and promise of robotics, Nvidia's approach to business, and the future of robotics and Nvidia. Tune in to learn about the value of business school, reinforcement learning, and where early adopters should start.

2023-05-08 · 1:09:35